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Every Woman Deserves The Right To Dignity. Period.

Menstrual product insecurities among poor women and girls can lead to shame, humiliation and dire outcomes. The recent deeply saddening death of a 14-year old Kenyan girl who hung herself after being “period shamed” by her female teacher is just the latest example of the need to take steps in a more positive direction.


Now more than ever, we must build our villages so women and girls can enjoy optimal health and wellness which requires that we tear down the walls of shame and stigma that keep us from living our best healthy and whole lives.  This starts with building a culture of pride around our periods.

How Can You Help?
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Here’s How You Can Help!

The Black Women’s Health Imperative has launched the Positive Period! Campaign, which will provide 2,000 menstrual cups for women and girls in Kigali, Rwanda and in Atlanta, GA. We are working with the Freedom Cup Company. The cups are made in the USA, are FDA-registered and made of 100% medical-grade silicone. We are asking our supporters to buy at least one cup for a girl or woman in Kigali and Atlanta. Each re-useable cup costs $33.00, holds fluids for 12 hours and lasts for 10-15 years, making the average cost $3/year or 25 cents per monthly period. The Freedom Cup Company has agreed to match each of our purchases 3:1, an incredible return on your investment. Your one-time donation can have a 10-15 year impact in the lives of three women!

Our founder and board member, Byllye Avery, has been invited to Rwanda to make a presentation on menstruation at “Women Now! A Summit on Intersections of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights & Justice for Women and Girls of African Descent,” in Kigali, Rwanda, November 29-December 1, 2019. During the Summit, Byllye will discuss the importance of women developing a positive attitude about their bodies and their periods and present 1,000 Freedom Cups to conference attendees! In Atlanta, BWHI will provide 1,000 Freedom Cups to the young women and girls who participate in our My Sisters Keepers and SIS Circles programs, as well as to our school and community partners.

Your investment in young girls and women, will not just empower them, but could improve the quality of a young girl’s life. Join BWHI in ending Period Shame and becoming Period Positive!


Recent surveys of low-income women in the US found that:


had been unable to afford period products during the previous year, and 21 percent experienced this problem on a monthly basis


of women surveyed had times during the past year when they had to choose between food and period products.


High School aged girls miss an average of 2-3 school days per month because of no access to menstrual products


of a given school year in Sub-Saharan Africa is missed because of menstrual cycles